FASHION: Milly Dresses

Milly is one of my favorite shops to visit here in NYC. They have the most amazing dresses, that just flow and make you feel like a princess. Even though I hate the term 'princess' - this is DEF true about these will feel like a princess. The dresses & skirts are really full with a generous amount of fabric so your dress will move & flow when you walk.  I also LOVE how the unique prints on the MILLY dresses are so luxurious & feminine - these are bound to be the highlight of any event! 

OK, I confess - I already own the painted (pink) flower one, I wore it for a feature in Adore Home Magazine which comes out April 1st !!!   Can't wait to share it with you.....I think Designer, Michelle Smith will love it!!  

Which of these is your favorite?

-post by jen ramos



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