Cool Clothes for BOYS

It's been a little over a month since we've had our son.  I have to admit, little girls seem to have a lot more FASHIONABLE options than little boys. So, I've been doing research on some cool baby clothes for boys.  It's been a long process of looking around - but, I finally found a few shops that I LOVE.  

Noah doesn't know much about fashion yet, so in the meanwhile.... it's my job to dress him. Below are some items on my wishlist for his wardrobe.

What are your favorite places to shop for kids clothes?

1. hello pullover via hello apparel 2. i like you a lot via kid & kind 3.  star pants via nununu 4. overalls via h & m 5. KID tee via hello apparel 6. star onesie via nununu 7. le be'be' onesie via hugo loves tiki 8. jumper via nununu 9. house tee via kid & kind 10. skull tee via nununu 11. au chocolat onesie via hugo loves tiki 12. garcon sweater via hugo loves tiki 13. paint splatter pants via nununu 14. washed out denim via h & m 15. cross baggy pants via nununu 16. 'i'm not tired' onesie  via hello apparel

below: my little guy

P.S.  ------> If you're a baby brand & want to introduce me to your product/apparel, please email me.  We love to work with fun & interesting brands! We can dress Noah up & post the pics on my instagram.  Just another way to display your brand to a new audience!

-bottom image by jen ramos


  1. congrats to this new mum!!!

    Your baby is adorable
    and the clothes too!

  2. How cute!! I adore the pirate and the le bebe - have so much fun!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  3. "Next" has the BEST baby stuff. Website

  4. WENDY: thank you! love NEXT, hadn't heard of it... and just placed an order!

  5. Awww! The genius shirt is too adorable!! xoxo

  6. I LOVE him Jen :) Eek... he is just adorable and I am so so so happy for you! Have a look at Seed... I am sure they ship to USA! If you like anything for when he is bigger I could bring it over for you!


  7. @NATALIE- love it! will check it out some more...cute stuff for sure. xo thank you


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