My Go-To HAIRDRYER: Julien Farel

During our weekend stay-cation at the Loews Regency this past August - I got to try out the Julien Farel hair care products & best of all the Julien Farel hair dryer. Who knew?! 

When I pulled the dryer out of the cute little bag & turned it on, the airflow was smooth & quiet. Felt fantastic over my head & scalp.  I was so impressed by how quickly it dried my hair and how smooth it felt,  I wanted to take it home with me.  Of course, that would be stealing, and I'm no thief. 
So, the people at Julien Farel gifted one to me, awesome.... & here is the result I captured with my iPhone pic. This is now, my go-to hair dryer.  It retails in his salon for $90 - not bad huh?  Totally worth it! You can call to purchase or just walk in & buy one!  (address below)

It's so important to have a good dryer, along with some great hair products. If you have a cheapo hair dryer, like I used to have....a few things can happen like:

  • They can burn your hair because they pack a lot of heat. 
  • It can take a lot longer to dry the hair - in turn, burning & damaging it.
  • I also had an issue with my old dryer, where my hair would get snagged in the fan piece on the end, that was painful.

When you're shopping for a hair-dryer, consider these things:
  • choose a dryer that has a variety of temps (cool,warm,hot)
  • Quiet dryers are just that, quieter. I always prefer a more quiet hair dryer, that's why this one is perfect. 
  • choose one that has a concentrator to direct the air to where you need it most.

You can easily spend anywhere between $80-$200 on a "worthwhile" professional hairdryer these days, and I def say you should!

Julien Farel Salon
540 Park Ave, New York, NY 10065

-post by jen ramos
-bottom left image via hotel chatter



  1. Great pick! Sounds amazing!

  2. Jen, LOVING all of your recent beauty DIYs and tips. It's about time you woman! Those looks and secrets need to be shared with the world :)

  3. Thanks for this tip! Looks like a hair dryer should be an investment if I want to avoid hair damage.. Thanks for sharing!
    -Sayeh, The Office Stylist

  4. Ran across this while trying to purchase this dryer for myself after using it at the Loew's in downtown Chicago. Truly the most amazing dryer I've ever used.


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