Made By Girl + Madewell Event NYC

The Madewell event this past weekend went really well! - I loved meeting new people & seeing lots of you who I know just from my Instagram! My artwork was a hit & one of the favorite were the colorful pineapples!  It was such a fantastic experience doing this pop-up shop & was definitely cool walking in & seeing my art displayed in their store!

The collection on display included art from my Made By Girl shop & original paintings from my online gallery, Cocoa & Hearts.

If you have a store & are interested in having me do a similar pop-up shop there, feel free to email me with info!

A Cocoa & Hearts SALE is around the corner - stay tuned!!  If you want to be notified, please sign up to the newsletter here. They tend to sell fast.

My mom was the first one there... she stayed until I was done. Love sharing these moments with her.

Loved my geometric necklace by Kate Scheid from Scheid Industrial & my Leather Pocket T-shirt dress, by Madewell.

My husband below (to the right) busy putting in orders & making sure things are run smoothly. His tee shirt even said 'hubby' - such a cutie.

Jamie from Furbish Studio came by - isn't her hair cool?!

-images belong to madebygirl



  1. Those pineapples are my favorite.

  2. Those pineapples look like they'd be awesome in beach resorts. I tend to buy things with such a vibe (and pretend that I'm on vacation sometimes ;))

  3. Those hearts with words and pineapples..I like it!!!

  4. Congrats Jen, this looks like such a fun collab! I'm sure anywhere would be more than happy to have your artwork on display. They'd be crazy not to! XO, Sarah

  5. Jen, all looks lovely. Hope I'm able to get one more piece for my own gallery wall I'm creating at home w/your art. :)

  6. I am gutted to have missed this, I completely forgot! I have recently bought some of your beautiful prints (which I am still waiting to frame!) and would have loved to see your collection. I hope there will be another chance at some point?

    Jo | A Little Pop Of Coral

  7. thank you guys! it was so much fun.

  8. Your art work is amazing
    Love all and each of your paintings

  9. Great stuff! You're mom looks incredible, you guys have great genes! Hi Adri!

  10. Congratulations! What an amazing mother you have! She looks great in cobalt!

  11. Love this! I hope to be in NYC for one of your pop ups. BTW love the shoes!

  12. Wow Jen! Your art is so lovely - it's so hard to pick a favourite. Really wish I lived closer! xo


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