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A few years ago I went to the dentist & got trays made to have my teeth whitened professionally. It actually worked pretty!  Well, 2 years later after drinking a bit more coffee & tea - I felt I could use a slight touch up. Thanks to a company called Smile Brilliant - I could now do it from the comfort of my own home. They sent both my husband & I an entire teeth whitening system, including the trays.

I have to say the process was a bit strange since we had to mix & then send our impressions back ...see below to the right. But nonetheless... it's a cool concept if you don't mind waiting for the trays to be shipped back. They will be custom-fitted to our teeth & once they arrive you can start the Whitening process. Both my husband & I tried it - he didn't like that he had to place the desensitizing gel first then wait, then wash then add the whitening gel & wait some more, then brush & rinse. He's not very high maintenance & that was a lot for him.

easy to do at home
no more whitening strips that are inconsistent
It's affordable compared to dentist whitening

the whitening gel has to be left on about 1-3 hours - which tends to be long.
my teeth were pretty white as is, so I didn't see much change, although my husband did.

So, there you have it - all in all, I'd recommend Smile brilliant for anyone looking to whiten their teeth instead of using white strips or spending money on dentist whitening visits. Hope it works better for you!



  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I am actually due for an exam and have been looking for a whitening kit I can do at home. Will look into this :)

  2. Super useful! I've just come back from 6 weeks of drinking WAYY to much red wine and diet coke in Europe.

  3. AnonymousMay 29, 2015

    I think I'll give this a shot since my teeth are starting to get a bit too dark. The alternative would be to just give up my coffee, but I don't really see that as being possible at this point in my career. Even if this only gets my teeth slightly more white, I would still be happy. http://www.advancedfamilydentalcare.com/dental-care/cosmetic-dentistry/teeth-whitening-2/


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