Another Birthday

It was my birthday on August 15th - another year. Time flies doesn't it? It's amazing how much happens in one year, we feel sick, we feel better, people pass away, people fall in love, babies are born, love is renewed & countless memories are made. Speaking of babies....this year we started our process towards adoption - so exciting & grateful! But most of all, I am thankful to God who has graced me life, health & love.

Speaking of love, my husband surprised me with the most beautiful birthday week EVER.  Here's how it went:
  • He surprised me by baking a delicious ombre cake...knowing I love pink frosting - he def impressed me - get this, it was ombre inside & out! Woah.
  • Then he made some beautiful roses out of paper! I was like, "what?!?" - And not just one!
  • Next day when I woke up there were a bunch of cards - around 70 - all over the kitchen counter & dining table. They all had a note inside - some funny, some very loving...and a couple that I will never forget, where he signed our future child's name on. -  I was literally touched to tears. 
  • Then the following day he placed this big banner over the dining table that said "Happy Birthday Jennifer" - that's when it started to hit home that I was turning 41 .... VERY soon!
  • The last day of the birthday week, he surprised me with my gift - but he printed the wrapping paper using one of my zebra art, this one. Can you believe this guy? So adorable. Sometimes I secretly think he's Superman.

Then, on Friday the day of my Birthday..... we headed over to Loews Regency for our Spa stay-cation . Thank you to Loews Hotels for sponsoring this complimentary getaway. Good timing!

The hotel was fantastic, very clean & was also very convenient that they are a pet friendly hotel, so we ended up bringing our Darla with us. During our stay, we went to the Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa (in the hotel) & while my husband was getting his hair re-dyed - I got a massage. SO relaxing - loved every minute of it.  Our room was surprisingly spacious (for nyc) & included a beautiful mini-kitchen with marble counter-top! Impressive.

One of my favorite features in the room was the Julien Farel hairdryer (plus we met him at the salon & he has the most beautiful salt & pepper hair). 

 I know......sounds odd that it was one of my fave features, but it's TRUE!!  This blow dryer was awesome!  The nozzle was the perfect size, and the heat temperature didn't feel like it was scorching my hair.  It had a smooth air flow, plus it was lightweight  - you have to try them!! Now, I really want one for my home.  

 So, there you have it, this was me turning 41 - and I loved every minute of it. Thank you to all those who sent me well wishes. Soooooooooooo grateful!

-post and images by jen ramos



  1. What a fantastic way to celebrate your birthday week! Your husband is too sweet - he should teach classes on how to treat your lady :) XO, D

  2. Happy birthday! Think you would like to know that the 15th of August is a very big feast in Greece. We celebrate our Holly Virgin Mary. It is a holiday.

  3. Happy Birthday! Mine was Aug 8th so we're both Leo girls :)

  4. Happy belated birthday! Such a wonderful celebration!

  5. He is too much! I especially LOVE the 70 cards he got you and the fact that he wrote a note in EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of them is beyond sweet. My hubby always gets cards in bulk also and it's so sweet the notes he writes me haha So glad you had a great bday Jen :) Here's to many more to come!

  6. Thank you ladies! I will never forget this year. Xo

  7. Very happy belayed birthday!! All the best! xx

  8. A little belated, but definitely wanted to wish you a very happy birthday! Your husband is amazing!!! I think a lot of men could learn from him and his thoughtfulness. The zebra wrapping paper is BEYOND!!! That print is on my "get" list!

    41 never looked so beautiful!
    xoxo Elizabeth


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