DESIGN: Antiques & Vintage

Hello MBG readers, its Lisa with Gem Daily! I have really been loving designs that mix antiquities in with more contemporary, clean spaces. Antiques and vintage pieces don't have the "grandma" stigma they once had and are the quickest way to make a space feel more lived-in, more traveled and more unique. My absolute favorite is when ornate, gold pieces are thrown into an all-white space, the best of both worlds!

Check out some spaces that really capture this aesthetic and some reproduction pieces you can use to do the same with your home!

via creamylife

via jelanie

1//mirror 2//chandelier 3//daybed 4//glasses 5//tray 6//bust 7//rug

-post by lisa fisbeck



  1. awesome!! ;]

    i invite to me

  2. What a beautiful home! I love her dining room table!
    Interior Design

  3. I love vintage so much!!!!!

  4. Awesome inspiring photos here - love that first light fixture! Xo, D


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