Poppin for the office

poppin // I love this company & how they've created an interesting twist on the regular day-to-day office supplies we use. By adding color into to those BORING office items like staplers, pens, scissors, calculators & more! 

Not only did they add color, but also a sleeker look & feel to your average stapler etc. For me, I'm not so much into the colorful hot pink staplers, but would rather go for an all-white modern look for my office space.  I've actually tried their ballpoint pens, they're super SMOOTH to write with & have been a favorite in my home office!  I can't say enough about this small business - and it's growth within the last few months...except I wish every office stocked up with poppin items.

So, if you're looking for cool office supplies in a variety of colors, check out their easy-to-navigate website to fill your office necessities!  Right now, one of my main necessities here in my office is  pens & these handy white letter trays.  In order to make more space on my current shelf - I'm going to need to go up, and stacking these trays will help create a ton more space for paperwork & so on.

So, tell me, have you heard of poppin? What's your fave poppin office item?

-post by jen ramos



  1. Love this I'm definitely going to check it out. All white office spaces are so serene. <3

    Maggie A

  2. MAGGIE- I agree- that's what im working on!

  3. The white looks so chic but their colored products are so much fun as well! How can you decide!

    x Lily

  4. I have a few of their notebooks but I hadn't seen the supplies. Love the white!

  5. ah, thank you for this! i remembered seeing them but couldn't remember the name now that i am looking to redo my office!


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