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Just a few days ago - I launched my newest collection of paintings in the Cocoa & Hearts gallery.... Pineapples.

The collection did so well, (13) were sold out within 22 minutes.  I honestly did not know what to expect, but I'm just so grateful that God has blessed me with art that people love. In the next few days we will be adding more 11" x 14" Pineapple paintings (some pre-framed in gold ) + several abstracts. So, if you want to grab one, add your name to the mailing list on Cocoa & Hearts & stay tuned! 
Thank you so much for those who purchased the first 13 - the proceeds will go toward our adoption.

If you have an online or brick & mortar shop & would like to carry these original paintings, email us here.

-image by jen ramos



  1. Jen, I'm just loving your work and your new direction. And I hope you know what an inspiration you are! Sending you the best wishes on your adoption. XX UB :)

  2. Uncle beefy- hi! Seems like I've known you forever online. Thank you so much for ur kind words. xoxo big hug ;)


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