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Hi lovelies, Allie of ALLIENYC here. I am so glad spring has finally arrived! This was one cold winter and I can’t wait for summer. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to spend the day at one of the many beach front towns that this area is known for. Last summer a couple of friends and I headed to one of these beach front towns called Green Port and we had such a wonderful day.

We strolled along the boardwalk, road the carousel, had lunch in a cute store front coffee shop and of course—we shopped. Green Port is full of charming gift shops and boutiques and it is pretty easy to part with one’s money. So when I saw a beautifully packaged bar of soap in the window I just had to have it.

Well fast forward almost a year later, and I still have that bar of soap because it is packaged so beautifully I just can not bring myself to open it. Though I must say it smells divine and I have been tempted many times. I had not heard of the Tokyo Milk company before, but I was over joyed when I found their website. I so want to try that Bon Bon Shea Butter Lotion, and the best part? I won’t ruin the packaging if I open it. Roses and skulls? OK I think that is right up a certain blogger’s ally yes? So if you want your bathroom to look and smell good and do not want to beak the bank doing a complete overhaul, head on over to the Tokyo Milk site. They also have lovely gift sets that to me, seem ready made for a bathroom vanity.

-post by alicia mackin



  1. so cute!!


  2. The packaging is soo pretty!

  3. The packaging is just amazing!

  4. Cute post, I think I heard of Tokyo Milk before! :)

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    God bless,

  5. I agree, the packaging is lovely.

  6. Looks luscious! the packing and the product itself!

    x Lily

  7. Allie,
    I love going to green point also. It is so quaint and a fabulous place to spend the afternoon, and you are correct, the shopping is fabulous. I am absolutely crazy about the packaging of these products that you were featuring. These are going to be some very good gifts for many of my friends. Maybe even one or two for me?! Kisses, Elle


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