Design: Brass + Beige

Hi lovely MBG readers! Amanda here today, with a look into two of this year's home decor trends - brass and beige. As we know that emerald green has made its statement in home decor, the beige trend predicted by Elle Decor was a surprise as beige can be bland and boring. But it is in for the Spring and far from boring when paired with bolder hues (perfect with emerald!) and mixed with textures.

The resurgence of brass metal on the other hand is the hot finish for lighting fixtures, furniture and hardware. But it's not the brass we hated. Whether it's polished, antiqued, or hammered, brass is back more refined and with a different kind of finish.

1. Dipped Vase
2. Charles Brass Mirror Tray
3. Gold Leaf Agate Bookends
4. Mineral Pillow
5. Horn Vases
6. Brass Rivet Table Lamp
7. Harry 3-seater sofa
8. Antique Brass Chair
9. Table

-post by amanda dietz



  1. I surprisingly love the beige/brass paired with black! I feel like it's very chic! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. brass is making such a great comeback! i've always been a fan and probably always will be even when people think it's tacky again!


  3. Brass makes me so happy as of late. Def hoping on this trend.

  4. I agree I think the brass problem was the overly shining yellow/orange brass that we all hated. I love the matte brass we see now. It's great.

  5. Love this combo! Beautiful!!

  6. love the mix of those colors- brass and beige really do give such a nice neutral but rustic statement look if that makes any sense. I love the room with that big window the chairs are lovely! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  7. LOVE every single thing about favorite combo!


  8. Yup this is now my new color combo obsession!!!! Ugh I would die for some beige chairs with gold legs!!! xoxo

  9. I love so much Amanda's picks, they are fabulous! That would be one chic/refined room for sure!

  10. Oh that desk haunts my dreams...why does it have to be so expensive?! And I am obsessed with anything brass, I don't think I will ever get tired of it! Great picks!

  11. That second photo is stunning. I love the statue. It's my dream to have something like that in my house when I own one. And those stairs!

    Mostly Lisa

  12. I love the brass! it's so sophisticated and chic...kinda like your home's own jewelry

  13. I'm such a fan of neutral interiors and brass is the perfect complement. We are redoing an old beach house right now and are using lots of both. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  14. This table is amazing!

  15. Brass & beige, I think is a pretty versatile combination that I find works great with black and dark tones as well as with pastels and whites...isn't it?

    express home buying service

  16. ughhh clayton gray kills me! i want everything they sell!


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