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For those of you not living in NYC, the snow is back. White rooftops galore. Pretty hard to believe, since we're now in March! But, I love it...

On another note, if you're looking for something cute to stash your jewelry in or add some interest to your coffee table, check out these lacquered boxes from Lush Interiors shop. 

The owner, Carla makes these direct from Switzerland. I love them! My favorite is the one with the gorgeous white crystal. I can see this one on my coffee table or in my office! You can put all kinds of things in them, rings, jewelry, even cotton swabs to transform your bathroom into a chic looking space.  

Which is your favorite? How else would you use these vignette boxes?

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ush interiors



  1. these are so lovely! I would def. enjoy stacking my jewelry in those beauties! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  2. omg these are incredible! that green stone lid handle is GORGEOUS.


  3. These are GORGEOUS! What a great find! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a GREAT find! These are so chic and would certainly dress up any room. I am starting to gather things for when I buy a condo so I will have to pop on over there!

    Ali of

  5. Those are sooo pretty! What a great way thing to store jewelry in! Thanks for sharing! x, Kat

    Love and Ace

  6. Great find - I love the chick tray at the end x

  7. They're all really lovely but I love the sleekness of the black with crystal or with the white coral. So good!

  8. Cool...I love it...

  9. I know, I can not help seing DIY everywhere!
    I am thinking how to use some shooters i have in a drawer ...

  10. love these boxes that tray is FAB

  11. Oh my goodness! These are so beautiful!!!! I just added the shop to my Etsy favorites and added a few to my wish list! Thanks for the intro!! xoox

  12. Jen, these are all gorgeous!! Thanks so much for posting this!
    I want to get one for every room!!

  13. I love these! Such a chic touch to any room!!! Definitely must visit this shop next time im in the city :)


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