Fashion: Mint + Gold

Hello! I'm Carlinn from Superficial Girls blog & now one of the newest Fashion contributors here on MBG! I'm so very excited to share my first post here on MadeByGirl! Ready? 

I have been loving the sweet combination of mint & gold online! From mint ice-cream to your favorite delicate gold necklace these hues bring out your happiest emotions. Together they create a perfect color palette that I definitely cant resist. They seem to work well together in fashion, decor and even food (mint cupcakes with gold dust anyone?)

 photo Mintampgoldcollage_zps087b4b9b.jpg
I usually love wearing a mint outfit with splashes of gold in my accessories, but why not have fun with it by matching your nails or adding a mint sweater to a pretty gold colored skirt!
Here are some of my favorite mint and gold picks to help you warm up to this trend.

 photo Mintoutfits_zps77770df5.jpg

-post by Carlinn



  1. Love the mint and gold combo! Those sunnies are just perfect =)

  2. I'm fallling in love with this color combo!! You just gave me a great idea for my cupcake class! Mint cupcakes with gold dust! =) Thank you!

    Ergo - Blog

  3. Love this color combo too–and really any pastel with gold! I can't wait to wear some this spring (if it ever shows up!).

    The Glossy Life

  4. It's such a great combo - and I totally have the KS iPhone case!

  5. LOVE mint + gold! I host an Oscar party every year and have made it my color scheme for this year's soiree!

  6. Yes! this is one of my fave color combos! beautiful!

  7. I love this color combo!! I have a pair of mint pants I can't wait to wear!! (must wait for warmer weather)

  8. Mint and gold has been my OBSESSION lately. Every time I see something mint, I swoon. I love you posted about this!


  9. LOVE mint with anything lately but definitely gold <3

    xo Ashley

  10. The chevron phone case is my favorite.

    Love Scrapbook

  11. I read Superficial Girls too. Nice blog.

    I have never explored gold and mint before, but they sound like a fabulous combo. Cannot wait to pair them together now.

    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Fashion

  12. I would love to have those Miu Miu sunnies,

  13. What a great color combo! Loving the mint skirt from Topshop.
    xx Allie
    A Song to Pass the Time

  14. gorgeous finds! i do love mint & gold. can't wait to see more from you!

  15. We share the affinity for mint + gold! Those Miu Miu sunnies have officially been added to our spring wishlist.

  16. We share the affinity for mint + goldd! Those Miu Miu sunnies have officially been added to our spring wish list...

  17. Everything about this selection is FAB!!! I have my eye on the sunglasses and those heels from ASOS are on my wish list... oh! Mint and Gold...
    ox, C.

  18. Nice blog post!! Thanks for sharing. Australian Gold Mint


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