DIY: studded shirt

DIY Studded Shirt Hi! I'm Stephanie from Henry Happened, and I'm excited to share fashion DIYs here on MBG as one of the newest contributors. If you have ideas on DIYs that you'd like to see, definitely let me know! For our first project, we're updating an everyday basic - the white button up!

DIY STudded Shirt 

When it's cold outside I am a big fan of layering. At any given time I'm usually wearing about three shirts! So I like my layers to have a little pizzazz. An easy way to spruce up a plain button up is with studs. This DIY Studded Shirt is simple (no prongs to stick your fingers!), chic and easy on the wallet too.

Fair warning: Iron on studs are a little addictive. They're so easy you'll want to stud everything! And before you know it you'll be half way to buying a Harley. 

iron on stud tutorial 

You will need:
  • A plain button-up shirt. I like the look on a white shirt but it would also look great on denim.
  • Iron on studs. You can find these at any craft store.
  • An iron
DIY Studded Shirt
DIY Button-up Shirt with Studs 

Start by cutting the studs into individual pieces. Then remove the black backing (but not the top plastic!) and place them evenly along the middle of your sleeve cuffs.

 Iron on Studs 

Then carefully flip over the sleeve so you don't mess up the placement of the studs. And iron according to the package directions. 

Studded Shirt Cuffs 

When the studs have cooled (trust me they're hot!) you can peel off the plastic on top. That's it! 

DIY Studded Collar 

 I also added three studs to my shirt collar. Again, all you do is stick them on the fabric in the pattern you want and iron them on. So easy!  

Are you a fan of studs? What would you put them on?


  1. So cute! LOVE a simple diy with so much impact.

  2. I'm a big fan of studs in moderation! I like them on the collar! Very chic!

    Ergo - Blog

  3. This is really cute, but won't those iron-on studs come right off in the wash? Hand washing can be such a chore... sew on studs might be a bit sturdier, no?

  4. I didn't even know iron on studs existed!! This is such a great idea!!!! xo

  5. What a fun idea!!!!


  6. great idea!!
    :) ♫

  7. Very cute! I had pinned an outfit recently with a studded shirt under a skull sweater, it was adorable!


  8. @THE NOW: i didn't either! pretty neat huh?

  9. Super cute way to refresh an item :) Love this DIY :)

    Maggie A.
    Love Scrapbook

  10. I have yet to be brave enough to sport studs but think I could pull this off. Thanks for inspiring!

  11. Love this idea! Never seen these before, I will be out tomorrow searching for some!

  12. What a nifty and cool idea:) Have a beautiful morning.

  13. this is very cute! the fact the studs are not too contrasty on it make it great for daytime!
    I studded a top too, please have a look at:


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