Kim & Scott's Home Office

Hi there! We're Kim & Scott from Yellow Brick Home, a Chicago duo living, working and playing in our teeny second floor walk-up - and sharing those adventures on our blog, Yellow Brick Home. Together with (little!) help from our four-legged kiddos, Jack, Maddie and Libby, we've spent 5 years transforming our 675 sq. ft beige box into a warm, colorful, inviting and lively place to call home. 

Since starting our blog, we've been inspired by the powerful DIY community, and with that support, we continue to share everything from quick and easy tweaks, whole room overhauls, art, photography and travel.

Two years ago, I began working for myself full time as a working artist, creating mini, modern paintings of your pets. In 2010, The Pet Shop, a tiny division of Yellow Brick Home, was born (a job made possible by the overwhelming support of our readers!), and since then, I've spent my days working from home.


 Because the business grew rapidly, Scott and I knew we needed to transform our second bedroom/bike storage/office into my very own painting studio. The challenge? The room is 8'x10', with only an 8' square of useable space.

Like most storage solutions in our home, we needed to think vertically. Our home was overwhelmed with paint supplies, shipping boxes and the like, and we'd need a practical place to house those items. At the same time, I wanted the space to be beautiful - girly, even - since I would be spending every working hour in this room. 

Pulling images from around the web on my Stu-stu-studio Pinterest board, I quickly realized that I craved pink! Well, pink, white and gold - and bold patterns mixed in. With that in mind, we started with a pale pink base on the walls (Olympic's Diana) and moved forward from there.

Over the course of 6 months, we carefully selected art for the walls, repurposed a shoe bin as paint/media storage, built a floating credenza (with knobs brass knobs pulled from MBG!), DIY-ed a wall of shelves and added in an inherited chair, a patterned FLOR rug and a gold-dipped painting table. 


(Get the whole rundown on all those projects right here.) Not only do I feel so lucky to work from this space, but I'm incredibly honored that so many people share their pets with me every day.


Desk: Target (painted)
Office Chair: Wayfair
Floating task station: self made 
Framed Art: entire list -> right here 
Mirrors: flea market & Vintage Bazaar
Rug: Sophistikat by Flor



  1. Love the artwork and rug! Thanks for sharing this chic and functional space!

    Have a great week!


  2. Such a bright and beautiful space! I wouldn't mind hanging out there all day!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  3. I wish my home office looked like this!

  4. Very good home decorations!

  5. awesome! so inspirational!

  6. I love the light and bright space and that rug is fabulous!

  7. gorgeous! I love how bright this office is with a touch of girly :)

  8. Such a beautiful space. My husband and I just bought an older home and it is very small… And next to nothing storage. Thank you for the inspiration on how wonderful small spaces can be!

  9. Love the gold frames! Such a timeless look!


  10. Oh I love your gallery wall and how you had shelves going up! It seems like everything has it's place in your office! Love it! Thanks for the inspiration to tidy things up at my small space! =)

  11. If I had a studio like theirs, I would never ever leave. The only thing missing is an espresso machine!


  12. Darling, I absolutely adore the studio's layout. It is fantastic, and clean and so YOU. Congrats on the success of your small business. What an inspiring entrepreneur you are!

    Bonne Chance!

  13. Thank you for sharing our studio, Jen! And thank you everyone for the super sweet words! :)

  14. Love the cosy and chic studio!!! And what a transformation I'm sure it was from its original room:) I'm sure it's not easy to work with little space but this duo defo did a great job!!!

    I super liked your combo of starting your inspiration from pink, white, gold, and bold in mind:)

    Love it!!!!

  15. Goodness...this is such a beautiful home! Love the type print of "Work Hard". I'm in love!

  16. Ahhh I love Kim! So happy to see her featured here! :)

    Shannon Loves Design
    Fabulously Vintage

  17. I love this space! It's like a dream office to have. I'm obsessed with white and pops of color here and there so I'm in love right now.



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