Evolve + Manifesto

How cute is this t-shirt I'm wearing? it says Evolve

I'll tell you more about that in a bit, but first my super stylish friend Meg is off to her new venture; a line of t-shirts. Each month she will add a new word to the line, and for this month of January the word is 'Evolve'. She asked if I would be part of her new lookbook & to describe what this word meant to me. My favorite part of this comfy t-shirt is Meg's lovely handwriting in gold! 

I'm a great example of a person who has evolved. And I'm not speaking of APES TO MAN, but instead the evolution in my own life. With my work background being in modeling & random marketing jobs to owning 2 online businesses, this is a big deal for me. In fact it is a HUGE jump for me & certainly one I'm glad I made. My faith had so much to do with my evolving. So, this t-shirt was quite fitting, no pun intended. 

You can read more here about why & how I evolved. 

I'm no FASHION blogger - but the aviator glasses I'm wearing are by Stella McCartney & the faded skinny jeans are from Zara.  You can take a look at Meg's new Manifesto look book here.

-images by MadeByGirl



  1. Evolve is such a powerful word! Good for you evolving into the awesome lady you are! I love Meg's handwriting! I'll go look at her new line! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. I love it! You're such a rock star, Jen!

  3. Jen, I love the word evolve. It carries so much meaning on so many levels.

    I also love that t-shirt. Is it soft? It photographs like it is the softest, most comfy t-shirt ever.


  4. OK, here's hoping I don't double comment. The first one disappeared into the ether.

    I think evolve is such a powerful word with so much action inherent in it. That may be my mantra for 2013!

    I also may be in love with that t-shirt. Is it soft? It photographs like it is the softest t-shirt ever made!


  5. LOVE that shirt!!! the word evolve is such a great one! rock on lady!


  6. Cute - love the shirt and your story! :)


  7. Also - you look GREAT! :)

  8. Love your red nails with the shirt! So important to keep evolving right? Have a wonderful day!


  9. Thank you for your words. I have been reading your blog off and on for some time now. You truly do inspire me. I read the post you linked to and my heart started crying. I have made a bad mistake and I know I must own up to and live for Christ! Thank you for your words!!

  10. Absolutely love it. I would buy that, it is such a great way to describe my life's journey as well... You look fantastic!

  11. Jen,

    You are a true beauty and an inspiration! God's presence shines through you!

    Keep walking in His will!

    Be blessed,


  12. Love the whole idea!
    Love yo too Jen!

  13. TEE: Thank you for your beautiful comment - i appreciate it :) I feel so blessed to receive comments like yours and elated to know that my story may have helped you in some way.

  14. Evolve - a great and empowering word indeed:) and loving your shades! i just read your past post about your truth and freedom...i gotta say, a very honest and insightful post and thanks for being so opened to your dear bloggers. Not sure why i didnt see the post before but i just wanna say you've come a long way and your past don't matter because while it was apart of you, its the present that is the most REAL moment of yourself! You go girl!!! I'm glad you were so open about it and to gives us women more confidence and hope in this most often stressful and demanding and filled with expectation and crazy world we live in, hehe

    There is a purpose for you i am sure and keep doing what you do cuz i am loving your blog and art stuff that you display here:D

    Bless ya Jen:)



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