Design: Christmas at Target

Drew back, sharing with you a little Christmas time decor. I know all of you have been surrounded by advertisements of the Target and Neiman Marcus collection! I even bet some of you got up super early to dash into the store to grab some of your favorite items from some of the most well known fashion and design experts! 

These are just a few of my favorites from the collection, as well as some other Target pieces that will go quite nice with your other items. 

No Target in your city? Head online and get them before they're gone!

1) Frame
6) Glasses
10) Ornaments

-post by drew humphries



  1. Ooo!! I have to hit up Target! I wasn't sure if this stuff was in stores yet! Woohoo!


  2. This is the best roundup, Target never fails!

  3. OMG i want that glitter reindeer, cute post :)

  4. Extremely jelly right now! My Target ran out of the trinket box and antler bowl, the 2 I had my eye on! I hope they do another collaboration I loved seeing all the unique pieces in Target!!

  5. Love 1, 4, and 6. I might have to run by a few Target's after work and class tonight.

  6. Wow where to start! Elegant!!!

  7. I was just at neiman's drooling over all the goodies! Great roundup! xoxo

  8. Target always has the cutest things!


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