Are you a last minute shopper??

Are you still looking for a last minute Christmas gift??? Are you guilty of sending gifts late?? Come on, we've all done it. Whether it was just a card or a gift, you knew it wouldn't make it on time, but you went ahead & sent it anyway...

So, for those who are too busy to shop or just waited for last are 14 items you may want  to consider. After getting any of these, the receiver may not care it's late! ha!

1. Snake & Leopard
2. Pom Pom Throw
3. lauren elan necklace
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs purse
5. Decor box
6. Tory Burch iPhone case
7. Set of 2 Dogs
8. Necklace
9. Dotted Cross-body Bag
10. gold french press
11.  agate book ends
12.  gold coasters
13. marc jacobs satchel
14. ear muffs



  1. i am proud to say i am not a last minute shopper!! but i adore the first picture!!

  2. I must buy myself christmas gift. This iphon case would ok.

  3. omg! neon necklace is amazing!!!
    and i'm the 14600 follower :D :D so cool!

  4. What an awesome necklace!!!! I need to have it.

  5. I want them all! When did they start making carafe's so beautiful! :)

  6. DAWNA: i know- when i saw it i had the SAME thought! love it.

  7. Oh gosh, these are all so fabulous! I want the!!! :)
    xo TJ


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