Bits of my Week...

above: appetizer from my husband. endive with tofutti cream cheese & salmon. Garnished with pea shoots.

above: at the succarra showroom

above: some of the assistant/intern resumes that were submitted for made by girl.

above: amazing art display using brushes as opposed to paint. genius. MOMA

above: healthy dinner my husband made for me - he rocks!!

above: I stopped this girl to admire the buttons on her jean jacket.

above: raining day in nyc from my apt. 

above: church time in tribeca

above: my sweet dad walking my dog - he's 70 yrs old & not in the best health - so moments like these make me smile.

above: subway entertainment here in nyc - can't beat it.

above: cutest doggie store on the upper east side

above: world trade center rebuilding

above: me wearing some biko jewelry

above: watching president Obama speak live while flat ironing my hair - iPhones are so handy

-images by jen ramos



  1. I was at the MoMA on Sunday this week and was staring at those 2 pieces of art also! haha That paintbrush thing was amazing - and I loved how neon it was up close!

  2. JESS: No kidding! it was so impressive. i stopped dead in my tracks!

  3. so, you need to make your guy start a foodie blog. I'm dying to know how he makes such beautiful things!

  4. Pea shoots, not bean sprouts :)

  5. your pictures of NYC life make me want to pack up my things and move! I think it's so so great that you found out what makes you happy and made a conscious decision to make it happen :-)

    p.s. that paint brush art is insane!

  6. Recently moved to NYC from Dallas and am looking for a church. Where do you attend? Any suggestions? I was raised non-denominational and everything up here is Catholic/ Lutheran/methodist , or Jewish...

  7. Recently moved to NYC from Dallas and am having trouble finding a church. Where do you attend? Any suggestions? I was raised non-denominational and dont find that common around here.

  8. I really love this post! You inspired me to do something similar on Fridays. Glad to see you had a good week. xoxo

  9. UNKNOWN: email me through my blog & i'll let you know thanks! :)

  10. Love love LOVE this post. Makes me want to fly back to NYC right now! Don't you adore that "LOVE ME" mural on Canal Street?! I took lots of pics of that, too.

    The jewelry and art are all fabulous--what a wonderful week you had! xoxo

  11. AnonymousMay 10, 2012

    Wow, what beautiful shots! I love NYC! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  12. I love Biko! Lucky lady :)

    My jewelry blog:

  13. Love my Toronto girl's jewelry- have a few Biko pieces and adore them. Your man puts on an impressive dinner- yum! Oh and that velvet high backed chair...heaven!

  14. Great post. I have to ask, where is that beautiful green velvet high-back chair located? I must go for tea! It's beyond gorgeous...
    -Brooke of Fashionable Palette

  15. Sounds like a lot of fun your new chapter in NY!! Let me know if ever in South Florida

    ps: gotta love a man that cooks, cheers to that!


  16. FASHIONABLE PALETTE: The gorgeous chair is from the lounge at the Plaza hotel. Great for tea or coffee, i loved that place..a little on the pricey side though. :)

  17. Well of course it is ;)
    Thanks so much for the info, Jen! Pricey, but worth it...even if just for the eye candy (the fashionable visitors and interiors)...

  18. Looking at these amazing photos makes me want to move to NYC in a heartbeat. We have been thinking of making the move from Australia for some time just keep on inspiring is to DO IT!

  19. those brushes are so cool! And yes, your hubby sounds like he's the best. Those meals look amazing.

  20. mmm lovely weekend indeed, love that art piece and food looks nice*

  21. AnonymousMay 11, 2012

    Seems like a fun week! I love that art work with the paint brushes and paint! I cant believe i didnt manage to squeeze any time for any museums when i went to NEw York:( big regret but more the reason to go back! hehehe

    Your hubby really looks yummy looking food and the garnish is oh soo lovely!

    Sweet photo of your dad and same here, my mom isn't in the best health condition so i always cherish every moment!

    Gosh, this post makes me miss New york majorly!!!!!!!:D

    I had to laugh when i saw your iphone snap shot! it's true, iphones are so handy!


  22. Your photos are Divine!! So much inspiration, you have a great eye :)
    Happy Friday!

  23. AnonymousMay 14, 2012

    MMM LOVELY POST:)I really like your blog and I follow ..I hope you will follow me back:)

    have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at

  24. wow! Your week in NY totally blows mine out of the water! Now that its summery and light out after work, I have GOT to get out and do things / see things instead of sitting in my dark windowless office and then coming home and crashing on the sofa. Although, it IS a pretty comfy sofa... :)

  25. It's so fun to see snaps of your life in NYC.


  26. some really nice images here... I especially like the piece made out of paint brushes, the colours are really vivid!


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