Guest Post: By Ashlina

Hi everyone! It's Ashlina, interior designer and blogger at TheDecorist. I was beyond thrilled to guest blog for Jen while she comes to visit us here in New York City. I adore Jen and am so excited that I get to share with you (her loving readers) my favorite things about this city that I love so much!!

I just moved out here from LA a few months ago and have found these 7 places to be AMAZING and I would definitely say are MUST-SEES for any decorista visiting NYC!

1. The Jane Hotel: A beautifully decorated hotel in the west village, its perfect for meeting girlfriends for  a fun get-together.

2. Top of the Rock: the view from the top of the Rockafeller is absolutely breathtaking. It's such a fun thing to do so you can see the city from the most beautiful angle!

3. Saks Fifth Ave: shoe department...I almost fainted when I first went here, its enormous and the shoes are like glitter in the sand, so beautiful you will be overwhelmed with excitement.

4. ABC Carpet & Home: The place to be inspired for home decor. It's like the mecca for decorating. I just love it.

5. Olde Good Things: If you love antiques or anything unique then you will LOVE this store. There are a few around the city and each time you walk into one, you see things that you never would have imagined. I love the history of everything and imagining the homes that these items lived in is so fun!

6. Levain Bakery: quite possibly the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever tasted in my life. It's around the corner from my apartment and has become such a weakness.

7. The Highline: Walking the highline was one of my favorite things to do this summer. The views are so pretty and they play black and white movies on the weekends. I had never heard of it, until I moved here and quickly realized its definitely a must visit place.

Hopefully one day all of you will get the opportunity to visit New York. It's probably the most magical city in the world!!

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  1. My Mr. and I have been wanting to go to New York. One day we will and when we do I am so going to that bakery! Those cookies look heavenly.

  2. Lovely list Ashlina, I just adore NYC and cannot wait to be back there again one day. Such an inspiring place, that is for sure!! Hugs to you,
    Nancy xo

  3. I often daydream about what it's like to be in that city : ) i can't wait for the day I actually go! Thanks for the list!


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