Book Review: Exotic Taste

After a few days of being sick, I'm back! Those who follow me on Twitter I'm sure know what I've been dealing with - and thank God the worst is over, crossing fingers! I'm reviewing Exotic Taste, Oriental Interiors by Emmanuelle Gaillard and Marc Walter. The book was sent as a gift to me by one of my contacts at Vendome Press & I thought I'd share it with you. 
Though there's NOT a lot of Oriental styling in my home, I've always admired how a well design room with Oriental fixtures meshes together.  With a lot of intricate detailing, Asian-influenced interiors can truly bring a different feel to a room, as this book shows you.

This hardbound book has 236 pages of rich, colorful photos and retails for $75.  The photos show everything from entire rooms to furniture to details.

 One of my favorite features is how it's broken up into regions - China & Japan, India, & Near Eastern.

You'll be particularly impressed with the scale of the rooms - several from palaces & grand residences where massive rooms are still detailed with intricate tapestry, carvings & vases!

You can buy your copy of this great book here.

-images of book taken by jen ramos



  1. One day I will have ceilings like this...

  2. They are really beautiful pictures!!

    Thanks for share!


  3. That last picture is breath taking. I would love a home that looked like that.


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