Book Review: The Elements of Graphic Design

My new friends at Skyhorse publishing sent over this book: The Elements of Graphic Design - and it's so appropriate for me because as a designer, I'm constantly wanting to learn more! 

This book is actually a second edition by Alex W. White & even though I have yet to read the entire thing (lack of time) - I'm loving what I've read so far!  The book is definitely thought provoking & has a bit over 200 pages of full color. 

I HIGHLY recommend this book for anyone thinking of getting into the Graphic Design field. You'll learn about how you can apply design components, color, similarity & contrast, unity & space, type & much more!

I love how Alex manages to describe a unique approach to successful graphic design & inspires us to create better work.....brilliant!

You can pick up your copy here.

-images by jen ramos



  1. Ooh la la... I will have to tell my followers!

    I think our site should feature your blog... You always find fashionable items!

  2. I'm back in school for graphic design and think I need this book. It looks awesome!

  3. Looks like a good one !!


  4. Great book. If I don't stop buying books I am going to have to move. ;)

  5. I'm a designer in Seattle. I got the original version of this book in college - good to see they updated it. I'm curious - outside of your product lines, are you still working as a graphic designer? If so, I'd love to see your work!

    Shanda Foisy
    Pixel Soup Creative

  6. Jen! Love your leopard Iphone case! where did you get it?!

  7. I'm so excited you shared this!! I just read one and have been looking for more good graphic design reads!!

  8. Great share. I need this as I just took a design class at Art Center over the summer. Love graphic design!

  9. LA IN THE BAY: I got the iPhone case from JCREW. :)


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