Thanks to All These Blogs....(Via Made by Girl)

I'm always super HAPPY & grateful when I see other bloggers write about my shop & I always look forward to thanking them here. So....thank you all. 

Feel free to visit them all! 

If you featured any of my Made by Girl items recently - please let me know! 



  1. There is one coming up in my post slated for later this week..I'll send you the link once it is online..have a lovely week, Jen..xx meenal

  2. You're a doll! Honestly Jen, it's amazing how with all your success you're still so kind, grateful and friendly to everyone...not even a zest of selfishness in you ;)

  3. I also featured your Kids Posters on my site! Absolutely loved them :) Check it out here:

    Belly B

  4. Awww thanks Jen! It's always a pleasure to feature your work. Can't wait to see the new Cocoa & Hearts site!

    Myisha :)

  5. Thanks for posting my blog in your thank you list Jen! It's SO sweet of you to give us a shout out! Have a great week!! You made my Monday a whole lot better!


  6. Hi Jen,
    I featured your article in High Gloss last week!! Loved reading it!

  7. Hi Jen,
    We've featured you Love Posters a couple of times on our blog here....!
    We love all your products and especially your blog!

  8. Jen,

    My friend just dropped by my blog to tell me you've mentioned "HomeBunch". I ran here! :-)

    I just need to thank you for being so honest, so kind and always, always prompt to help or talk to the people that admire you. I remember the 1st time I came here and loved your style. I didn't even know how big your blog is and I remember talking to you on twitter and after by email. One thing I knew right the way, you're a special girl. You know you are because this beauty and all of this talent is not superficial, it comes from inside, from your heart and from who you really are.

    What I like the most about you is simply that., your honesty and not being afraid of being "Your-Beautiful-Self.

    God bless you for this.


    Luciane at

  9. I have done a couple of posts. One was during our African adoption auction which you so kindly donated your fabulous ABC love print to and another was on your new shop! I love your items and your blog!


  10. Ah thank you so much for the mention- it was such a treat and I have to admit, I got a little sentimental seeing my past header up on your site- the blog world is just so amazing. So appreciate the mention and can't wait for your new shop to open- loving the sneak peek!!!

  11. I've featured your shop a couple of times...last post was about your cute as heck greeting cards!

  12. Very sweet! It's like an honor to be on here. I've loved you blog for soo long! It has inspired many school projects, photo shoots and decorating. Thanks again!!


  13. I love your shop and your blog, and have actually posted twice about you in the past few weeks, the things are so inspiring!

    Thanks for the prettiness of your posts!!


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