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I couldn't tell you much about this article I found via Allt I Hemmet Magazine except that I needed a TRANSLATOR to tell me who lives there!

It's MORE than likely occupied by a man - judging by the decor style. (perhaps a musician or a successful artist) I may be wrong, but WOW.  The kitchen is what really caught my eye....I mean look at those walls above the cabinets, all black!  It's like the SILKIEST black paint I've EVER seen & it's got me thinking about my own all white kitchen now. Hmmmm

Anyhow, I love the BLACK walls along with the splashes of color throughout his place! The unique pieces of furniture & accessories really give this place a personal touch don't you think? 

I also noticed that instead of UPPER CABINETS he decided to place large scale accessories on the tops of the cabinets to give the kitchen a more grander feel!  And how about the idea idea of placing a super old family photo in an ornate frame & mixing it into a super modern kitchen? 

.....this place is just gorgeous.

-images via Alt i Hemmet



  1. Love the mix of everything! Maybe one day I will see the return of my antiques.

  2. Love the mix! Maybe one day I will have some of my antiques displayed:)

  3. i LOVE that couch/pillow setup. that is AMAZING! love.love.love. xox

  4. His living room totally wowed me. Anyone who can pull off a dark, black wall with panache and confidence deserves my ultimate respect! I just adore his chandelier in the living room.

    The person who decorates this space sure have great taste. Thanks for sharing and leaving a comment on my blog!

    Have a wonderful day!


  5. Hey!! I mentioned you on my post today! :) http://www.livingonthechic.com/2011/04/chic-tip-of-week_26.html#more I LOVE your blog!

    Much Love,

  6. FUN elements going on in this home... LOVE the sitting area or living room!!! I'm a girl who LOVES colour!!!

  7. I'm in agreement with you this place is just gorgeous! Love the clean style, yet filled with an eclectic mix of wonderful decor.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment.


  8. I can't take my eyes off that beautiful chandelier and the dark walls. It makes everything else POP. Beautifully designed and decorated. :)


  9. Definitely a cool space. It's actually the apartment of a photographer and designer who live in London, and was featured recently on Design*Sponge's blog (http://www.designspongeonline.com/2011/04/sneak-peek-jimmie-martin-rick-schultz.html). Only recognized it because of the awesome yellow and black "question-mark" cabinet in the kitchen. Mystery solved! :)


  10. Absolutely love this post! Gorgeous house! The colors are inspirational!


  11. I'm a Swedish translator :)
    Two men live there together and they also work together as designers.

  12. MARIA: OOOh thank you for the translation..I was dying to know, No wonder they have such good taste!

  13. Creativity everywhere! He is quite a shopper....unique one of a kind pieces all over the place. Black is the unifier. LOVE!

  14. Oh wow it sure is, just LOVE that Kitchen!!!!

  15. What a cool space. Love the dark walls and really love all the pillows on the sofa !!


  16. Seems like they are both furniture designers, and their clients include Kylie Minogue, Kelly Osbourne and others. Obviously Jimmie used to be a model and the apartment is in London.

    The cabinet in the kitchen with the question mark is actually a IKEA cabinet that they have painted and the picture on top of the kitchen cabinets are of Jimmie and his mum.


  17. EVERGIRL; wow nice...thanks for the info! ;)

  18. Two guys, swedes, living in Londong, used to be a model and now designing togheter.

  19. I clicked on the link to see the magazine. I've seen it in person because my aunt brings them to my mom when she visits from Sweden. Anyways, with Google Translator I got this infomation:

    Dramatic atmosphere, unexpected details and an explosion of colors. Get inspired by Jimmie and Rick's home in London.

    I was going to get my mom to translate but google did the job.

    Now you know (if you didn't now before). :)

  20. FAB! Totally love it.


  21. It's Jimmie from Jimmie Martin located in London. Google up their furniture collection... You won't be disappointed.

  22. TIINA: oh! I know Jimmie Martin & his furniture! I had no idea it was him .... I love their work & have actually written about them on my blog yrs ago! Thx! ;)

  23. this House was defenatly on a show, I think it was house guest here in the UK. I dont think it belonged to a musician.

  24. I ADORE eclectic spaces like that. The living room is my favorite with the pillows and gallery wall. :o

  25. The question mark cabinet, the alphabetized credenza and the "Absolut Love" Louis chair...LUVS!!!!!...Graffiti'd furniture just makes me so happpeeeeee!!!

    Jen, you can download google toolbar & select the option to always have foreign web pages automatically translated to English.I love this function and am able to read all the foreign decor mags!!!..Wooo! Hoooo!

    Be sure to check your spam folder for an email from Charmayne@mediamizzelles.com, I sent you the entire article translated in English, so you can have the pleasure of reading it, as most of us did ;-)


  26. MAYNE: Thank you- i often forget how to use that feature in Google! :))


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