Monument...(Via Made By Girl)

Some amazing pieces to love this Tuesday morning via Monument at 1st Dibs.  I have a thing for black lamp shades and I really love these particular floor lamps, but I know I couldn't afford to drop $3,800 on them!

They're gorgeous & unique. YES...and they're straight out of the 1960's with a gold leaf chain & completely restored. I say, if YOU can afford it, these are a great investment. 


images via 1st dibs



  1. Wow, loving all of this, especially the horns and the leopard/chrome stools! I've been seeing horns everywhere lately -- is it a revival or have they always been this popular?

  2. Goodness, those leopard stools. Please me mine. I will give you a good home.



  3. I have that exact dresser! Got it for a $100 from a family friend! What a steal! I wonder how much they are selling that one?!

  4. Okay, I just got that almost exact grey desk off of Craigslist the other day. In fact I am staring at it right now. It needs paint, to which now I am leaning towards grey. And the handles are gold greek keys. As soon as Spring is here, that table is so getting a fresh coat of paint!

  5. Love your picks from Monument! One of my go-to wishful thinking dealers on 1stdibs.


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