Cuffs By Unearthed...(Via Made by Girl)

I came across Unearthed last week & had to share these! I really loved ALL their products, especially the cuffs. They have really interesting ones you normally don't see in your everyday stores. 

All are HANDMADE, which is pretty cool! Unearthed is based out of  L.A. & they have a large collection of jewelry & cuffs in almost any color you could imagine.  I can't seem to pick a fave, I swear I love the python as well as the zebra print cowhide ones. 

Which is your favorite??

You can see the rest of their collection here.



  1. Cuffs are one of my many addictions. The blue one really caught my eye.

  2. great find, thanks! i love the Metallic Silver Genuine Stingray. (i'll have to keep it on my list for b-day ;)

  3. I would have a hard time choosing only one.

  4. omg those are so awesome. arg, my budget. cannot. accommodate. more. cuteness!

  5. I'm living the tan snakeskin! LOVE YOUR BLOG. It's a daily read!


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