ABC Kids Prints (Customizable)

I have to say thanks to Belinda, writer at Real Living Magazine AU for the cute pic she posted on her blog of my ABC Kids prints! Lucky Zak (her son), his room was featured on Apartment Therapy for kids 'Oh Dee Doh'. Here's a pic of the print, she had to place it up high on a shelf because Zak kept pointing at his name! Smart boy. Thanks again Belinda for the cute post!

BELOW are some shots of other variations of the ABC Kids Prints offered via my shop. They can be customized with any 'color scheme' as well as any name up to 12 letters! Available in 3 different sizes.



  1. saw it on her site! was about to order one, but the girlies chose the cotton-candy love print instead.

    next time...

    and your romeo and juliet art?

    to. die. for.

  2. That poster is awesome to begin with and this is taking it one step further. Got to make sure the kids develop a sense of taste early on! H:)

  3. WOW I love It!!!

  4. Cheers Jennifer! Twas a hard thing having to choose a piece from your collection, but in the end, the baby always seems to win out over my wants and needs!!! But I love that he can keep this when he's older too. Imagine moving out with his girlfriend (oh my god what am I doing even thinking of that?!) and hanging this up? Much cooler than regular boy "decor" x

  5.'re funny...I'm sure one day he will have his gf and look back and appreciate all the cute little things you bought for him.


  6. Hey!

    Your print made it into the actual magazine too :)

  7. I will write about it here

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I love these and
    Your blog is beautiful!


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