Creative Toys for Kids: edu2toys

Hey guys! I wanted to highlight a new learning toy we got recently.

edu2toys is a company based out of Lithuania that believes in the power of creative education. They understand that each child has his or her own unique greatness. So, they developed tools & toys that nurture & empower kids to become their best self! I'm totally down with that! 

As a mom, I find myself wondering what types of activities to do with my toddler.  I've tried playing ball, coloring & even making a spider out of a craft materials, he wasn't that interested.  Throughout the 'trying'  I found myself wondering if I was doing something wrong? -   I've had better luck when he & I painted together & read books.  As a mom, I am realizing more & more that early childhood is an important stage of development where my little guy is exploring & curious about every single thing!  He's obsessed with looking into everything.

I came across edu2toys & I love that they believe that developing creativity in our children is a duty to be shared by both teachers & parents. So true! They also explain that in order to understand children we need to try & listen closely to what they say, their facial expressions, the look in their eyes & even analyze their drawings.  KIDS tend to communicate via emotions, shadow play, music, art of sculpture, storytelling, drawing, drama and a multitude of other verbal and non-verbal means of self-expression. So, my husband I wanted to bring more creativity into Noah's play area where he would be able to express himself, we chose a few items from edu2toys.

The one I'll be sharing with you today is the - Sensory Play Space DividerIt's a modular space divider.  It helps develop sensory skills & also imagination! You can also use this to divide an area in their room and create activity zones & quiet reading time.  I love toys that help Noah develop skills, for example this space divider is valuable because it helps with:
  • fine motor skills
  • self-expression & imagination
  • communication skills
  • aesthetics

You can do a lot with this space divider such as folding the panels in a circle to create a house! We did that for Noahs's room & we also got the felt wool berries - which I LOVE!! I must admit, he hasn't quite mastered the creativity aspect of it, but I think the more we practice.... the more he will understand that play time is about imagining & creating! 

 Check out more cool toys and tools on edu2toys

-pics by jen ramos



  1. This is absolutely the most fantastic toy I have ever seen, thanks for sharing. Gustavo Woltmann

    1. glad you think so! the older our son gets, the more useful he will find it! we recommend it.

    2. This is a great new concept. Awesome for cognitive skill and creativity. It would be an ever evolving work of art! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow good and one of the best toy ever i seen.

  3. This will improve his skills and creativity. I prefer having these kinds of educational toys instead of something purposeless


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