ART: Ombre Hearts Available!!

Time is so precious these days. If I stay still I feel like I am either going to fall ASLEEP or die of boredom! So, I keep moving. Ever feel like that?

Anyway, with some time on my hands, I managed to paint (2) more pieces yesterday! 
The Ombre' Hearts original paintings have now been added to my online gallery! We no longer have a timer, so you can buy at your own convenience as well as choose the frame style you like, directly off the site. These watercolor+acrylic pieces are 30"x37" and are so much PRETTIER in person, I guarantee you!  

I think they would look FAB in a home office, or in a nursery. The Ombre Hearts painting represents many things, but it is mostly a happy painting - that reminds me that we do NOT have to be PERFECT......hence the imperfect details on the hearts. Hope you like them! 

You can see them both here.

If you are looking to commission a painting, please contact Jen with more details. Include measurements, colors & style you would like.


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