9 hottest nail polish

Today we're talking about nail polish.

With Spring headed our way - a lot of us girls will be looking for the newest trend in polish color. The HOTTEST nail polish in my opinion is Tom Ford. Why?

Because it stays on.  A few weeks ago I bought only (1) by Mr. Ford to try it out, Bordeaux Lust & it's lasted me up to 4 days without even chipping! On top of that, the color is gorgeous & rich. The price is on the high-side, so if you can't see yourself scooping up $35 - I would opt for Illamasqua which is only $17 (mid-range) and is also long-lasting.

What is your favorite polish brand & why??

-top image via YSL

-post by jen ramos



  1. Bordeaux Lust looks amazing, I never tried Tom Ford though. My favorite shades are from OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark (a luscious purple hue) and Monsooner Or Later (a cute orangey-red).

    Thanks for sharing your faves!

  2. I love Color Club, OPI, China Glaze and Zoya, because they don't test on animals. From my research, Tom Ford Beauty does.

  3. I just tried a couple Julep polish colors and I'm loving a few of their reds. I was shocked at how long they stay looking good.

  4. While OPI is one of the best nail polishes for coverage, I would love to try out Tom Ford and Illamasqua ones - I've read some really good reviews on them, and the shades are gorgeous!

  5. @alina loves- i think you'll be amazed at how awesome Tom Ford is :)


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