Puma Sky Wedges

Puma is such an iconic brand. Every time you see their shoes, you know immediately know who they are! I've been in LOVE with puma as long as I can remember! In fact, one of my first COOL sneakers were a black & white pair of Pumas.  

The company has really evolved since then - and their shoes have morphed into interesting & stylish footwear. With a ton of different colors for every style & taste!

These days, I'm really digging the Puma Sky Wedges, & normally I wouldn't opt for wedge-type sneakers, but once I tried these on, they were def for me. These are type of kicks you want to have when you're hanging out enjoying the day. Puma was kind enough to gift a pair to me - and I chose the chambray ones! 

                           Let me know what you think of these! Yes or no??

-post by jen ramos



  1. You wear them well! Love that they're so stylish too.

  2. Puma is such a cool brand! Last year they gave my brother (who's a musician) so much Puma store credit my entire family, close friends, family's girlfriends and boyfriends wore Puma every time we met them! Haha

  3. molto carine.
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  4. I love the grey ones! So pretty.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  5. LOVE. I was just telling my friend today I need a pair of pumped up kicks.

  6. Oh those kicks look so cute on you! See...I think I would look so ridiculous in them...but you look fantastic!

  7. Yes! You can totally pull these off!

  8. Too cute. I love the grey ones.

  9. I hope these shoes stay 'vogue' for a while...I really love them and think they are a really fashionable/comfortable option.


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