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Hello, hello my dears!  Sam from The Peak of Tres Chic here, back to share a fun decor idea to spruce up your space.  One thing about me:  I happen to be a collector of sorts.  When I was in kindergarden, the obsession began with rocks.  

I once tried to take home a sack full of artificial rocks from the school playground for my personal rock collection.  Here we are 20 years later, and my tastes have elevated a bit.  Nowadays, I prefer adding to my coffee table book and throw pillow collection.  I also love to collect matchbooks from my favorite local restaurants and from my travels.   The diverse designs, typography, and colors on each book look lovely arranged in a bowl together:

Are you more of a minimalist?  No problem. Buy a dozen matchbooks in the same style and arrange together in a pretty bowl, like these ginger jar matches:

Ready to curate your own collection?  Here are a few gorgeous matchbook designs to get you started:

Top Row: Palm Tree Matches $7/Blue Crab Matches $4/Barney's Odalisque Matches $12
Bottom Row: Flamingo Matches $7/Coral Matches $4/Twigs & Flint Matches $32.50
Demijon Glass Bowl $78

-post by samantha penner



  1. When I was a child, my great uncle had a huge clear jar filled with matches. Loved a match collection then and love it now!

  2. Who knew matchbooks could be so chic! Love this idea!

  3. Love the look of this. I have some pink tipped ones from Shabby Chic that I am obsessed with!

  4. I love pretty little matchbooks...maybe I should start collecting them!! The crab matchbook is so cute!! I love the watercolor!

  5. I love these match boxes. Too bad I never see them anywhere when I go out.

    Angela's Anxious Life

  6. AnonymousMay 03, 2013

    Just found your blog and now am wondering how I ever lived without it! You have fantastic taste! =]

  7. Love it! People are always trying to for preventing?

  8. Love it! Now how do I get guests to stop using my matches..any thoughts?

  9. Sometimes it is just the simple things that make such a difference! Good idea!

  10. Love it! I just picked up some Jonathan Adler Matchbooks yesterday to add to my growing collection too!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  11. I also collect pretty matchbooks when traveling and visiting restaurants - started it back in high school! I keep a few favorites in a dish on my coffee table, just like this.

  12. What a stylish way to recall all the places you've been.

  13. This is a great idea! Live the large glass bowl!

  14. What? these are awesome. I love the blue crab matches :)

    Laura | Bright Bold and Beautiful blog

  15. Hello :) I have a question for you Jen : what kind or name of flowers do you have on your photo? they're beautiful and i'd like to buy these here in Poland .
    P.S. i love your inspirational designs♥


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