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Hi MadebyGirl readers!  Sam here, from The Peak of Tres Chic, back for another decor post.  Lately my inbox has been full of graduation announcements and party invitations, which makes me reminisce on my own post-undergrad days.  

I remember being so excited to decorate my first apartment in the city, but also clueless about where to start!  Luckily, there are so many cute and affordable decor options out there for the new apartment dweller.  Here are a few of my favorites:

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Kiwi Folding Mesh Cubes $2.99/ea/Candace Turquoise Table Lamp  $442/Amethyst Salt & Pepper Shakers $115/ Quips and Queries Notecards $28/Good Bones Great Pieces Book $20.69/Arianna Belle Hexagon Throw Pillow Cover  $67/"Measure Me" Measuring Spoons  $15/Shop Ten 25 Turquoise Nightstand $975

Are any of you in the process of decorating your space?  What's been your favorite purchase thus far?  Congrats to all the new graduates this year!

-post by samantha penner



  1. Love that lamp, I need that!

  2. Love that lamp, I need it!

  3. Love the turquoise nightstand!

  4. Love the turquoise nightstand!

  5. Thank you for including our turquoise nightstand girls!! What a great roundup!
    Abbe / Shop Ten 25

  6. I love the salt and pepper shakers. Very pretty!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  7. What cute little measuring spoons! They'd also be a great gift for a bride-to-be.

  8. Most are a bit out of my budget but are cute nonetheless!

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