Ecelectible Parts 4 U....Asian Influence

Sorry for being MIA yesterday....had some personal issues to deal with & all is resolved now thank God! 

Now that I'm back.... I wanted to blog about a shop I found called Eclectible Parts 4 U. This shop caught my eye because of all the vintage & Asian influence items they have available. I love all kinds of vases & home accessories, so this shop is ideal for ANYONE looking for rare & unique pieces to bring into your home! There's something really cool about owning something from the 1950's or 60's don't you think? 

I don't have a ton of vintage in my place unfortunately, but I'm looking to add some once we build the dining area console - a project that is loooong overdue! 

Anyhow.... I also noticed how the shop owner came up with the name Eclectible. Using two words.... Eclectible & Collectible which mean:

"ECLECTIC" : Selecting or choosing items from a variety of sources and styles generally from multiple sources.

"COLLECTIBLE" : An object that is valued in certain circumstances or sought after and popular to collectors due to its uniqueness and rarity.

Vintage Asian home accessories are always a BIG hit in my book, they make for great conversation pieces as well! 

Do you have any vintage items in your home?? If so, what ??



  1. My husband surprised me with a vintage dresser I had fallen in love with at an antique shop during a trip to Savannah for our wedding! 8 months after our vacation down south, he did some major investigative work to find the store (all he had to go on was a picture he managed to sneak off my phone!), purchased the piece, and had it shipped up to us in Boston where it lived @ his brother's apartment until he could give it to me! So not only is it a majorly AMAZING antique piece, the story behind it makes it that much more special :)

  2. I love these pieces! My husband and I lived in Japan for 3 years so I'm all about the Asian influence. We brought so many wonderful things back from our time overseas. Great post! New follower :) XO Magan

  3. L.O.V.I.N.G that ceramic monkey! It would be another great accessory for my wall-o-shelves!

  4. In love with those peacocks and the bright colors!!

  5. I'm laughing hystericaly! I have that celadon monkey!!!! Bought it years ago :)

    Love this post!

  6. This is my Mom's shop! Thank you for blogging about it. She works really hard on it. She has been interested in antiques ever since I was a baby and has instilled the same love of them in me. I am obsessed with mid century modern furniture. I am trying to convince her to give me the monkey! LOL.

  7. the vase is awesome - love the happy colors and the sixties pop influence!

  8. I have a lot of vintage items from my travels - including a lot from previous business trips to Asia - and I love all of them! It's so special to have something unique from a certain time period. I really love them to help personalize a space! I am off to check out this source now....

  9. I have TONS of vintage things. I buy vintage almost exclusively for the character it adds to my home! My most recent favorite purchase was a bar cart I restored and posted today!


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