A New York architects Apartment...

As if Paula Scher's place wasn't beautiful enough, here is another NYC apartment (of course!) that I adore. Aren't all the best apartments in NY or London? WOW. This beautifully decorated one belongs to architect, Gisue Hariri. Don't you just love the large windows in her daughter's room??

*Photos found via New York Social Diary.


  1. OMG... gorgeous. Can I please have the dotty carpet? and the Bertioa chairs. Faaaabulous!

  2. AnonymousJuly 14, 2008

    the couch...the bathroom architecture and then the decor of the bedroom...in that order for me-tells you how much I DIG!

  3. these are SO gorgeous. the light is AMAZING in her home!

  4. Kelly C:

    I think that is one of my favorite things about her home, all the light.

  5. I'm having major natural light envy right now! Hahah!

  6. Love everything about it!!

  7. I'm inlove with certain aspects of this apt, and the style.

    whenever i finally own my place all to myself/ married/ whatever, I hope i have enough money to decorate it exactly how I want =)

  8. wow such an extensive review. absolutely lovely.

    lol ur going to become my google/ wikepedia for makeup & cosmetics!


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