Free LOVE by MadeByGirl

Lets not forget my designer coffee tables from my website. This one is called 'FREE LOVE'. The beautiful red heart is made of suede pigskin surrounded by tiny faceted tacks. The wings are zebra print hide where you can actually feel the hairs. Of course, my tables are more like pieces of art, so they are for people that like unique furniture and conversation pieces. I do custom work so please email me if interested. Off to L.A. tomorrow morning, will be back Thursday with more.


  1. you have a nice design concept, but i am not a fan of animal skin of any kind. sorry -- just an ethical thing i have. try introducing humane designs into your collection and you might get more favorable feedback.
    just my .02!

  2. well there are many people that like animal skin, thats why real zebra rugs are so popular. I was approached by a couple others that suggested the same thing you just said...i might consider it, we'll see.

    Jennifer Ramos

  3. i'm loving these and your blog!


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