This is the kind of thing that makes artists furious. Artists really care & are passionate about what they/we do! So, when someone comes along & STEALS our designs, then sells them, we need to take action.  I've created this page to tell everyone about these copycats.

First one was a tiny company called jack in the box designs.  They weren't just ripping ME off, but others at the same time! Here's the even funnier part, they say on their blog they created these designs 3 years ago....but coincidentally, all their designs are using my exact color schemes as well as ones from Binth, Penny People and Chaiv.  They also had the nerve to go to some kind of show & exhibit the work as their own. I don't mind if someone makes a replica for their own personal use, but once it gets sold commercially....that, I am not cool with.

Next is an Etsy seller ahintofchicboutique who made a near exact duplicate of my wedding print design - letters, colors, even the same heart and nearly the same typeface (tried selling it in her Etsy shop)- and then tried to say she never saw or heard of me and didn't see it on my site! Today, (July 15th) after several emails, (and a complaint filed on Etsy), she removed it.

Please help support the artists and businesses who work their butts off to create and come up with original work. Tell people like this that they are WRONG for claiming these as their OWN. Write about these COPYCATS on your blog if you feel you have to.  COPYING ART & SELLING IT IS AS YOUR OWN IS NOT NICE. You can copy my work and hang it in your home, but please don't sell it and claim as your own. Thanks! 

Most recent person that is appearing to have copied my ABC Kids print is Caroline Silfverling from I love Design. It's such a sad day when you know you are clearly hurting someone else & you just don't care.

Below are links to other bloggers writing about inspiration VS copying:

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