Mass Produced vs. Original Art

When I paint a painting - it involves a lot of time & effort.

Big home stores may be selling printed art from original paintings, and that's great but in my opinion, it doesn't replace an original painting.  Expect to pay cheaper prices for mass produced items, but if you want something truly original where each brushstroke was created for you & your home, then go with original art. There is something special about original art & the feeling that it coveys to people.

Sadly, some large websites have saturated the art market by allowing anyone to buy a large piece of art (around 23"x33") for under $35...and YES, it's still a printed version of the original.  Because of this, I'm guessing some people may not understand the "original painting" market & tend to underestimate the uniqueness of an original painting. People will usually email me expecting prices to be in the same range as printed art they see on big art websites or in big home stores.  Some people even find it a little over their budget. That's ok. Perhaps it's over-saturation & ease of availability, but nonetheless some of these big 'art/poster' companies have taken away the connection between the artist and the buyer. Instead leaving the buyer with a mass produced product with no real individual element to it. I know that's harsh, but it's true.

You see, mass produced prints are STILL printed versions, (even if they are high quality) and the price range is justified for that print. People cannot expect an original to be in the same price range. In the same way we cannot expect a replica Louis Vuitton to be the same price as the real Louis Vuitton. Original means there is no other and in my opinion......this deserves to be valued as such.



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