FASHION: 5 Comfy Holiday Sweaters

Many of us will be attending Holiday parties or just family gatherings this Season.  For me, I'll be heading to a family gathering where we will (for the first time ever) do a Christmas sweater theme. This is NOT a common thing for my family, but my brother suggested it 2 weeks ago along with some hot chocolate - & I said, "Um, YEA!!"

With that said, I spent the last week looking for the right sweater that wasn't going to have me sweating up a storm while indoors!  I finally decided on this one.

If you're thinking of the same, I pulled together 5 sweatshirts that I thought would work nicely for a family gathering or office party. In the meanwhile Happy Shopping! I will shoot a few pics for my instagram + show it on my SnapChat: CocoaAndHearts around Christmas time. Stay tuned!



  1. Noel red one is my favourite!

  2. Was searching for something and I stumbled on your blog. Beautiful, and my friend likes the Noel Red sweater.


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