FASHION: 6 Dresses for warm weather

Hey everyone! Happy Friday!! 

New York City weather has been unpredictable - but last week we got a taste of warmer weather & I got excited at the prospect of wearing dresses again! I actually went shopping yesterday and purchased a few styles. But, if you're like me, you know there are styles online that you just won't find in stores. So, I ended up buying a couple more for the warmer weather....

I also decided to make your shopping experience a but more fuss-free & choose 6 styles that I'm sure you'll love.  I'm a size 4 - so these would suit my figure.  My husband was nice enough to get me this one by James Perse for early Mother's Day I just have to make sure I can keep working on my abs! Ha. 

Hope these will suit you too! 

1. Asos jersey dress
2. boohoo stripe shirt dress
3. House of Sunny tie front dress
4. Asos ruffle low back dress
5. james perse twisted sleeve dress
6. Asos off-shoulder mini dress

-post by jen ramos



  1. The weather has been crazy here in NYC! Can't wait for it to start getting sunny again. I love dress number 4. Will be shopping asos after this for sure (after all, what are rainy Fridays for but online shopping!)

    Jo xx |

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