Hey everyone! How are you? It's been raining in New York City today. On rainy days I feel like I could use a bit of color inspiration! I'm sure you could do too... whether it's rainy where you are or not!  I'd like to introduce Sasha Bikoff, she's a young designer whose edgy style is really impressive in today's design scene.  She's known for her bright colors & playful style.

Her unique take on design reminds me of a Barbie's playhouse - with bright colored objects and often times touches of hot pink!  She's only 26 years old & has already been featured on countless blogs... most recently a great spread in Lonny Mag you must see here! These pics will get you started, but def head over to Lonny for more inspiration by this designer.

 -images via sasha bikoff
-post by jen ramos



  1. Such a fun post! Talk about rain--in Houston its becoming the norm! Hope it clears soon! Leslie Sinclair

  2. Wow, this is gorgeous! The headboard and wallpaper remind me a little of Kelly Wearstler!

  3. I love that long, distressed table! I kinda had one when my kids were small.. but thats because they kept painting it :/ Anyway.. lovely! :)


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