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My mother has been mentioning the word "walker" ever since our son was born.  I admit, when I heard that word, I went into caution-mode.   I really believed walkers were dangerous & always thought "no one uses those anymore!"   I admit, I was against it.  But after consulting with several moms - it seemed most of them have used either a jumpers or a walkers for their own kids. Everyone had a good experience, but they did tell me to always watch the child & not leave them unattended. Well, mom was right. 

After deciding that I would get a walker - I figured  get something that has clean lines and looks modern and is also functional. Enter Joovy.  A friend of mine (also a mom)  introduced me to Joovy & recommended their Spoon Walker.  I looked it up & it was exactly what I had envisioned if I was EVER going to follow mom's advice about getting one.  So, the people over at Joovy sent one our way & its adorable!! We decided on the Charcoal Spoon Walker  & when we received it here are a few things I noticed:
  • It combines two essential products into one (highchair & walker)
  • It has a large tray which can be used for eating 
  • The design blends perfectly into our home decor (yay!) 
  • The tray has a removable insert for easy-cleaning or put in dishwasher
  • It's big enough for child to play with their fave toys
  • it's a bright high gloss, which cleans easily too.
  • It has a wide base for great mobility & stability. 
  • The seat pad is supportive & comfortable, machine washable. 
  • The wide base ensures that little fingers wont get pinched on the side of the tray if your toddler bumps into a wall.
  • It has a soft and padded high seat back.
  • It has three height positions.
  • It folds flat for easy storage and travel.
  • It's entirely BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free
So to be fair, my son is 9 months old & is still getting used to it.  At first he was only moving backwards ha! But recently he finally started moving forward but VERY SLOWLY.  Looking forward to seeing him use it to it's full potential.  I highly recommend the Joovy Spoon Walker for your toddler.

-post by jen ramos
-in partnership with joovy



  1. Great review!

  2. Unfortunately, in Canada baby walkers are illegal. Although when my son was nine months we spent a Summer in Portugal I bought one (left there). He loved it!

  3. Hi there! Here at Baby Grow - we also love the Joovy! In fact, its the only baby walker that we carry. The Joovy is also great for entertainment value - to put a snack on, to put toys on the tray...If you are in Brooklyn, NY - we offer rentals of the Joovy and other baby gear. Check us out here at

    Happy Holidays! xoxo


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