My Baby Boy Room Ideas

I've been imagining Noah's nursery for several years now, and although he doesn't officially have his own room, he will one day soon!  Right now he shares a space with us in a side area of our room.  Living in the City requires sacrificing space & oftentimes people will share their space with their children for a several months until they can figure out another (more-convenient) arrangement.

In the next couple of months I hope to CREATE a few digital-nurseries & then choose, execute & start working on it in REAL LIFE. That's my plan.  I've come up with option number (1) below, which includes some of my own new ABSTRACT art. Hopefully as he grows, he'll be inspired to incorporate his own art into the space.  All in all, I wanted the room to feel modern, creative with bright pops of color! One other feature I really want to add is the black- striped teepee from Land Of Nod.  I can already picture myself reading to him inside this cozy little teepee ! 

Another decor item I'm also considering is a neon sign.... in a blue-ish tone.  I love the effect the neon lighting gives off in a space. It adds such a cool effect!  However, I haven't decided what I'd like the neon to say.....hmmmm.  I remember wanting to have a child for as long as I can remember. Adopting Noah was a dream come true, and he is so loved.  But I'm stuck on what the sign should say.... Any ideas??? Maybe his name, Noah? Or maybe something else like 'dreams come true' or "You are Loved".  

I'm currently looking at a company called Endeavour Neon for the sign, so we shall see.   Books are so prominent in my home, I want them to be a BIG part of Noah's life. So, I figure start adding them to his space & that should hopefully generate interest in them! I can literally keep going on decor...but you get the idea. Stay tuned for another nursery down the line!

Curious....what do you think the neon should say?

1. delaney rug in 8"x10" via pottery barn kids
2. teepee via land of nod
3. snow rabbit via ooh noo 
4. set of 2 or 4 blue abstract art via made by girl (coming soon)
5. modern alphabet blocks white letters via ooh noo
6. boys rule print via mini learners
7. custom neon signs via Endeavour Neon 
8. mini zebra print via made by girl 
9. new issue book case via Land of Nod 
10. Andy Warhol's Colors book
11. bow tie blocks via Land of Nod
12. WHERE THE WILD Things Are book via amazon
13. Personalized name kids book via Pottery barn kids
14. sort and tip truck via pottery barn kids
15. rainbow stacker via Land of Nod

-post by jen ramos



  1. Hi Jen, I've been a follower here for ages and your work is so inspiring. Congratulations!
    I'm really happy for all the good things that've happened to you, specially since the arrival of your beautiful boy. God bless your family.

    I love your choices for his room and I'd love to send you one of my custom digital prints for Noah's room. You can see them at

  2. I love the Dreams Come True idea, or Dream Big..... And that Teepee is perfect!!

  3. I am sure Noah´s nursery will be the best : )
    love all the ideas you have...

  4. nina - aww thank you ! i appreciate it. i will def be taking a look when the time comes. xo


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