Giggle Baby Wishlist

As many of you know, when a new baby comes into the picture.... things change. 

Especially our living spaces. We fight it & it still seems like baby items are running things. Ok, so then why not get the cutest things you can find right? ...... like stuff from Giggle.  It's one of my fave baby shops right now. We currently still have Noah in a bassinet & now at 4 months, he is starting to look like he needs a crib. REAL BAD. Time flies.

We prefer compact items that are sleek & modern, and also fit in with our current decor....I mean why not? - Of course, it should be functional too.  I gathered Noah's wishlist, (well, really mine for him) & as you see the Bloom Alma mini-crib is included. Would love to add this small crib to his little space.  

Do you have this crib? What do you think of it? .... Have you shopped at Giggle?

You can also shop all these items at Giggle.

-post by jen ramos



  1. Hi Jen,

    What a lovely baby, congrats!

    Just fyi; the Stokke baby chair can come with a baby seat :-)
    Highly practical because it allows small babies to sit at the table with mum & dad!
    It encouraged are daughters interest in food!


  2. I have the Tripp Trapp high chair for my grandkids and love it. It grows with them so there is never a need to switch to booster chairs and adults can sit in it as well. You will be glad you added this to your home. xo

  3. We used the BabyCook a ton, highly reccomend it!


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