FOOD: Almond Milk Oatmeal with Chia & Blackberries

Good morning Made By Girl readers! Jen from Pretty Eats here with a great way to start your day, Almond Milk Oatmeal with lots of yummy toppings. I'll admit it, I'm more of a "coffee for breakfast" type of girl, something I'm trying to change this year. To make breakfast tempting, I make it beautiful and adaptable to any tastes I'm craving at the moment - sliced nuts and fresh fruit are my favorites! The lovely thing about multi grain oatmeal is that you don't need  a lot to fend off hunger for hours. Also, high quality grain blends can be found pre-packaged or simply in your grocery's bulk bins. Simple, tasty, and easy!

Almond Milk Oatmeal with Chia & Blackberries:
Ingredients:  makes 1 serving

    •    1 c 7 Grain Blend cereal (rye, wheat, oats, barley, etc)
    •    1/2 c almond milk
    •    pinch of sea salt
    •    2 big dollops of your favorite yogurt
    •    1 tsp chia seeds
    •    Additional toppings such as sliced almonds, crushed pistachios, and blackberries.

    •    Heat almond milk to simmering and pour over oats with a small pinch of salt.
    •    Stir and allow oats to soften for a few minutes.
    •    Add toppings of your choice, such as yogurt, chia seeds, almonds, crushed pistachios and blackberries. Enjoy!

-Post & photos by jen olson



  1. This seriously looks and sounds so tasty!
    I haven't had rye, barley and chia seeds before so I don't really know what they taste like

  2. Ooh yes ~ this looks perfect for starting my day!

  3. This looks delicious. I really need to try making this one weekend when I have a little more time.


  4. Interesting mix for breakfast... Didn't think to add Chia.

  5. Love blackberries!
    Love collecting them in september while going for a ride,
    mmmm, summer!

  6. This looks delicious!! The pictures are beautiful as well!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes


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