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Hey guys, aren't you all glad it's Thursday...finally the end of the week! We head to L.A. tomorrow for another quick trip, but tonight the move continues!   Yes, we are moving again - no particular reason except the rent is slightly less & the layout is nicer. It is still in NYC.  With that said, I've been super inspired to start decorating again! Bring it.

I sold several items from my home already, so I could buy a few more things to spruce up the new place.  Some of my inspiration comes from Interior Designer, Breeze Giannasio.  I admire her work & can't get enough of the sophisticated & stylish designs. Breeze has an impressive background, with a Harvard Law degree under her belt and several years experience as a corporate lawyer.  She was born & raised Hawaii, (like my husband!). 

After having been in corporate law for 8 years, she went back to her true passion, Interior Design. Looking through her portfolio it's clear that livability, comfort and function ground every design. I love that she also offers online design consultations as well if you're not in her area....Visit her site here

-images via breeze giannasio



  1. Yes! I'm definitely glad it's Thursday because it means one step closer to the weekend! I really like the first photo, it looks so welcoming and stylish. I hope you settle at your new place well :) x

  2. Fabulous inspiration! I can't wait to see how you will decorate the new flat! x

  3. @monika i can't wait either! xo

  4. Holy cow! Thank you for sharing her work - I love all of those images! Your place will turn out amazing :)


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