NESPRESSO Summer Iced Coffee

Nespresso is one of my favorite brands.

There's a cafe here on the upper East Side which I frequent during the summer days. It has been hot & humid the last few weeks & there is no doubt Summer is here.  Like many of you, I crave iced coffee.

However, there is nothing like coming home to your own machine.  This past weekend we tried  using our new VertuoLine machine (thanks to Nespresso), which is a single-cup coffee maker.  This machine is strictly a coffee + espresso maker with a sleek new design.  It pours your drink with Nespresso's signature crema layer, making your coffee look more gourmet!  So, again I repeat, this machine only makes coffee & espresso - so if that's your thing, then this is the machine for you.

Here's the Summer drink we made with the VertuoLine - which also makes for a great entertaining iced coffee:

  • Prepare a full sized cup of Nespresso Vertuoline coffee to your taste.
  • Add sweetener to taste (agave works great for this).
  • Chill with ice until very cold - a shaker works best for this, or alternatively chill it for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.
  • Put into glass with new ice.
  • Slowly pour 2 tablespoons very cold heavy cream over the top, mix & enjoy.

This brewer does not have a frother, so if you'd like to make this drink above, you'll have to buy the frother & brewer package here.  Also, please check out the cute Nespresso video we made on my instagram.

-images by jen ramos



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