Want to advertise on MadebyGirl blog?

I've always felt that small businesses need affordable ad rates & shouldn't be charged the same rates as larger companies. If you're a small business & are looking to advertise, Madebygirl has lots of readers as well as some of the lowest rates out there. We offer both button & text link options.

Email me your company website/shop & I'll offer you a reasonable rate.

Email me : Jen(at)madebygirl.com



  1. Thanks Jen, I will spread the words around :)

  2. Thanks a lot this will be a great help!

  3. I advertise you on my blog...just cause I love your blog! I may not leave comments all the time, but I visit here everyday!
    Keep up the inspiration!


Thank you for your comments! Be sure to visit my shop at www.madebygirl.com

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