Just wanted to post an update. I am still without a laptop....probably until after the 13th. I'm getting a discount through a friend's educational discount, thank God! A nice Macbook Pro, so hopefully worth the wait.  I woke up yesterday with high hopes because my kitchen was finally going to be done. But the worst thing happened, my contractor turned out to be a greedy man and didn't really have much knowledge placing IKEA cabinets. My friend had assembled them and they just needed to be hung. Anyhow i fired him and it was a big ordeal, he wanted all his money but i only paid him for what he did. He literally left my kitchen about 55% done. i was devasted, but glad that he wasn't going to be touching any part of the cabinets anymore. Today my bf has spent all day installing the rest of the kitchen and will go into tomorrow. Then countertop guy will come by monday finally to take measurements. So far i've taken pictures of everything and when i get back onto a fast laptop i will post some. Thanks for all your comments they keep me going. Have a nice sunday everyone!


  1. Sory to hear about your ordeal. But, can't wait to see your kitchen because I sure it will look fab. I'm hoping to use Ikea cabs for my own kit, so I will be in a similar place soon...without a kitchen, hoping my contractor knows what he doing, and eating out till it's all said and done.


  2. AnonymousJuly 08, 2007

    can't wait to see those kitchen pics! :-)

  3. AnonymousJuly 08, 2007

    Good on you for not feeling pressured by the contractor and paying the full amount! He is lucky to walk away with what he got considering he didn't finish the job!

    Can't wait to see the progress photos and the finished product. What a relief that will be once you have a fully functioning kitchen again! :)


  4. Sorry to hear that Jennifer, as you know it happens all the time, that does not make the experience any easier. I can't wait to see the finished product.


  5. AnonymousJuly 10, 2007

    Welcome to my world of remodeling! Of course, I don't operate like that, but I have seen that type of contractor in action, and I am so glad you stood your ground. I know the nightmare something like this can be. Being without a kitchen is like being with a bed, it's very disruptive. I hope the worst is behind you now.

  6. I can totally relate and am so sorry about your dilema! My remodel is running 6 months behind, and I have about lost it a million times. I have to remind myself....OK, just breathe. Hang in there...it will be beautiful

  7. That really sucks!!! At least you didn't pay him all he asked for!

    My husband and I set up (mostly him) an IKEA kitchen a few years ago. We both worked full time, so we did it in the evenings and weekends - it took us 6 weeks! I couldn't take Chinese take-out any more!!

    But yes, they're not that difficult to do - you have have to make sure the track is correctly placed on the wall and then hang them!

    Good luck on the progress!


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