Cleaning the tables…Made easy.


In the last few days….I’ve gotten questions like “how do you clean the tables?”   Well, since the tables are all made with leather tops, its very similar to how you’d clean a leather jacket. I have quite a few tips and instructions on the ”Do’s and Don’ts” of cleaning the leather hides as well as the hair on the zebra prints. The only hides i would be extra careful with would be the pigskin/suede. But i don’t use much of those.  On my website’s ‘FAQ’ section you will find the cleaning instructions, but this link will take you straight there :

The tables are designed to give your living room decor a stylish and sexy look, it may bring out the colors in your sofa, or even just as an ice-breaker during a party. I recommend purchasing tables like these if you are the type of person who is into maintaining your furniture pieces looking great! These beautiful and unique tables are different from anything you will find out there in coffee tables. I guarantee these tables will make a statement in your home or boutique! Plus, a percentage of each table sold will go to Breast Cancer Research or Lied Animal Shelter in NV.  To purchase this style or for a custom piece, visit:

*GOTTA LOVE IT, Happy Holidays!!!



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